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anthrofest 2006

well here we are anthrofest a furry con down east has come and gone .. and oh what fun meeting furs and a lot of my fellow baby furs it was sooo much fun..... you have no idea what a time i had...... but in all the fun i was having it seems that i hurt a fur that is my friend still and then because of how i acted while there all excited because it was my first con and happy to be where i was....i lost another furend because i came across to be to self centered and attention grabbing..... witch i never meant to happen... but it did anyway nothing i can do to change that now... this furend thinks im a a total selfish asshole....and he doesnt think he'll wanna meet up with me anymore, but only chat online and if we crossed paths at cons......god i never ment for any of this to happen ... i didn't want to get a reputation of an asshole who only wants attention because im not....on my god im an idiot ... i also got alittle to attached to another baby fur witch i apologize to for doing so and making him feel uncomfortable.... what have i done..i have hurt 1 furend lost one and might possibly loose another that i just met...... i have turned a perfectly good weekend into an absilute disaster.... thank you all for putting up with this peace of crap dragon that i am.... i think i just might i dont know..... disappear for a while... i feel like a peace of crap right now
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