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to everyone I appoligize

Hey there i dont use live journal very often as most of you know But it has come to my attention that some of you if not others feel that i might be mad at you or ignoring you for whatever reason.. I have heard maybe ever since i have fallen in love with shadow that i have changed.. Well if this is true i apologize i never ment to ignore anyone and im not mad at anyone. I may not talk as much as i did but with a lot happening in my life way more then there has bin before that i dont have as much time as i did in the past. for this i apologize but its not my fault.. for thoughs of you who have mates you know that nothing else matters but the happiness of your mate and now that i have one a lot of my attention is drawn to him and keeping him happy in return it makes me happy. I still want to be in contact with you to talk when we can but if you feel that i have hurt you in some way and dont want to speak to me again then i understand. i will always be here when you feel ready to talk again.

Im sorry

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