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WOW this still exists! I haven't posted here in FOREVER but this HAS to be spread and get put to a stop. I have heard that Hasbro has already bin going back and fixing derpy hooves in the MLP show! Straightening her eyes and giving her a generic voice because some BITCH ASS people complaining that she was offensive and that she was created to make fun of handy caped and retard people. GIVE ME A BREAK HOLY SHIT two things i say to this. A: if you are offended by derpy hooves because you think she offends retarded people then why don't you go and ask someone who is handy capped if she offends them because its not the handy caped complaining that she's offensive. B: to Hasbro grow a fucking nut sack you are doing a bleeding edge show you have to stand by what you have created and not fold to stupid people. and thanks for taking out the most popular pony of the show. I mean seriously how could you go against this sweet face.. this video literately made me cry,
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