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so this is to regards to the flaming thats going on on FA. the situation at paw is that they are planning to ban adult cub art from FA. Now i have gotten mixed responces to my one question i keep asking... when i hear about it i said ok now is this banning furry art that has to do with pedophilia? or is this about art that has to do with BABY FURS or furs that are into infantilism... because when some hear about infantilism the first time they automatically think of pedophiles WRONG!!!! ONE HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE OTHER... pedofiles want to have sex with kids, young teens, and babys ... Infantilists want to be treated like kids and babys wearing diapers, pacifiers,bottles everything that is involved with being a baby... NOT haveing sex with one... so i say to this to dragoneer and his FA site. A: Its fantasy its art not pics of the real thing. B: if you band pedophilia art fine.. but if you ban baby fur art as well to cover all your bases .. well to me that just makes a statement saying "I am bi est against baby furs".. now i dont think dragoneer is bi est against us for why would he band art as cute as a grown wolf being put into thick diapers and being treated like a big baby by other furs.. or a pic as cute as a lion cub in diapers sucking on his hind paw toes .. they both sound sooo adorable... why would he ban art as innocent as that when you have art up there with furs being tied up in long vines of sex raping plants or pics of furs ripping other furs limps off with blood all overthemselfs as they paw off.. nothing against vore or tentacle porn just using them 2 examples of many different kind of fetishes out there... this wasn't intended as a flame of any kind i just wanted to state my opinion obviously the decision is up to him.. But no matter what the outcome its not gona stop be from drawing what i love so dear

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