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Its offical my character has bin copyed

the story that i posted last time about my character being possibly copied is confirmed ... in the second installment of his story he made a typo. now either it was a typo or he did the mistake on purpose.... this is what the paragraph said

"Note the words bare handed. Me and Kar have certain assests that assist us in fighting. I just lost to Kar because I was worried about my projects. But I think Levi made a good stand for people like himself. This was a few months after Kar's decision." Chase said Flexing the claws in his hand in and out and flapping his wings a little bit, looking at Kar.

there was no levi in his story... now comes the time of what i should do.. this ninkenwolf on yiffstar i want to talk to for i wasn't the only one character copied the other was aurys old fursona what he wants to happen is up to him but i want to talk to this person.... anyone have an e-mail or a IM that i could get a hold of him from then please give me it...
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*Snuggles* regester for yiffstar, talk to the artist, and express your concerns ot him.. Maby they idolize you :D i know someone who does :D

But that is what i would do.. I tried getting the e-mail address, but you have to be a regestered user
See if you can get him to copy me... then I'll bring some ULTIMATE FUCKING MOD-JUSTICE down on him :3. But yeah.... contact Toumal hun, he'll be able to sort things out moreso. I'll talk to him to.
i have just done that i have messaged him on yiffstar now we wait and see
Hi, I'm the admin of Yiffstar. Um, are you sure that it's not a simple case of equal names? I mean, if it's just the name and the species then there's little I can do. If there are traits and special marks mentioned that mirror yours, then things look differently.
Hello there and thank you for commenting on my LJ. its not just one thing its a bunch of little things... the tuft ont he end of my tail and the fact that the fur on his character back is blue like myn..the way his horns curve back grasfully on his head thats the same...if you read the character discription in the first installment and then see a pic that i have drawn of my character you will see the simularities ...and not just my character but my buddys as well.. the other dragon in that story chase... is the same as his old character as well that i have also drawn..
looks like he has apologized for his mistake let me chat with him first before any action is taken.:)
*gives his lil one support*