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Its offical my character has bin copyed

the story that i posted last time about my character being possibly copied is confirmed ... in the second installment of his story he made a typo. now either it was a typo or he did the mistake on purpose.... this is what the paragraph said

"Note the words bare handed. Me and Kar have certain assests that assist us in fighting. I just lost to Kar because I was worried about my projects. But I think Levi made a good stand for people like himself. This was a few months after Kar's decision." Chase said Flexing the claws in his hand in and out and flapping his wings a little bit, looking at Kar.

there was no levi in his story... now comes the time of what i should do.. this ninkenwolf on yiffstar i want to talk to for i wasn't the only one character copied the other was aurys old fursona what he wants to happen is up to him but i want to talk to this person.... anyone have an e-mail or a IM that i could get a hold of him from then please give me it...
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