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Lets try and includ everyone

In the presents of AC witch is only a month away I am still hearing some Grave miss justices that happened at FC. A baby fur at Fc feels that he was Left out of the events with the BF group. Now i know its hard to keep everyone in the loop of whats going on during a con with the babyfur group but when your in the cub house with other BFs and you feel like your being ignored then thats hard to except. Even I must take some responsibility for the uncomfortable feeling that this one babyfur had to go though of feel like he wasn't part of the group. In the future we must try just a little harder so that we dont leave anyone out in our activities during a con or at least when were in the cub house to try and keep everyone diapered and involoved as we can for thats when we are the most happiest ^.=.^
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