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Its happened again

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So let me get this right. That AMAZING drawing is you, but someone else stole it and is claiming to be you on their profile?
Stolen or not, that picture is awesome. :D Judging by their name though, maybe they're a fan of your character?
Because a lot of people out on the internets don't have a brain in their heads, and thus can't come up with anything original? :p Hell, I've lost count of the people I've run into who described themselves as "Just like this person, but a different color." I've got a few doppelgangers of my own. >. least most of the faptastic wank-for-brain meatheads who copy at least bother to change something about the character they're stealing from, like turning blue.

This idiot didn't change a single thing...way to go, fuckwit.

Levi, get his ass banned.

So, he's a fuckwit. And yeah, I say get Toumal to boot his ass into next Tuesday. That's a blaitant rip-off of your character from somewhere in the hick south of the States. I blame the in-breeding.
ok all he has appologized and said he will never use my character again he just loves my character so thats why he wanted to use it and he didn't know if it was taken or not so.... i told him to be more thero next time and since i am such a nice dragon i forgave him
Pic is still there. Kick him in the mouth for thinking that nobody came up with the character (DURR, SOMEONE HAD TO MAKE THE PICTURE!).