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a dragon In love

Well now.. wow.. it has bin a while..i haven't wrote in this for a long time but something is happening in my life that hasn't happened in a long time.. I think I'm falling in love... me and shadow has bin talking for years on line.. we have met each other multiple times.. usually at cons.. but this last January he came up to visit me instead of going to FC..we had such a great time.. and i think its ever since that i have bin falling head over paws for him. we know each other so well that when we Rp on line we usually don't have to say anything we just know how to push the right buttons on each other. thats just a small part of things though after i started to have feelings for him i asked myself is this someone you can see growing old with. and all i could come up with was yes... this was the first fur i have asked myself that question with and i can see myself spending the rest of my life with him. Now i know thats a little extreme to be thinking at this point in time but its just something that has gotten me one step closer to asking him to be my mate. that i don't want to do online.. i want to do it In real life But unfortunately i wont get to see him again till august when he comes back up to come with me to a furry camping trip thats 6 months away! i don't know if i can wait that long to ask him ill just keep biting my tongue till then i guess:) *sighs* I do love him though I cant wait to hold him tight again
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