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Levy Rants

Is it just me or is the whole FUCKING world against you... JUST one fucking time ....JUST ONE FUCKING TIME i would like someone to tell me you know what whatever you decided in your life i am behind you 100% ..NO instead you get this whole big FUCKING speech about how oh thats not a good idea and oh the statistics say that this is BLAH BLAH BLAH....... To people who are lost let me fill you in.. This is about me and shadow a lot of you might know by know that we are in love...and our love is being questioned by others and its starting to PISS ME OFF!!!!! Me and shadow have known each other for 7 years and just now are getting together... THIS IS NOT A SPIER OF THE MOMENT PEOPLE I DON'T JUST FALL IN LOVE WITH ANYBODY...... my past has bin full of heart breaks so much that i had encased my heart in what i call a steel box not giving anyone the key i wouldn't allow anyone in no matter who it was out of fear of getting hurt and it remained like that for close to 8 years until shadow not only broke that steel box he shattered it and stole my heart.. I love him to death and now cant picture my life without him... I'M NOT IN A FUCKING PHASE... I'm not just going to go oh hey you know what I'm going to toss shadow aside like yesterdays news without any worry for his feelings and fall for the next hot guy that falls in line.. GOD DAMN IT I'M NOT LIKE THAT i don't just go from guy to guy to guy like some life sucking whore..... I have made a decision and i am devoting my life to shadow i will do whatever it takes to make him happy even if it means giving up my own life so that he can live. I want to make this work SO much with shadow No matter what comes our way we will work threw it together... there is an old phrase that love conkers all.. well i guess that will be right for it seems that no one is going to believe us when we say that we want to be together till we are actually together for years and have outlasted all those who question our love.. and you know what thats fine with me then i can say to all you none believing out there that i guess you were DAMN ASS WRONG WEREN'T YOU.. I'm sorry if some finds this rant a little crude but When people question my feelings it PISSES ME OFF
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